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IABCA 2019: Celebrating the Bilateral Heroes of the India-Australia Relationship

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

The recently launched ‘An India Economic Strategy to 2035 – Navigating from potential to delivery’, by current IABCA Board Member Peter Varghese AO, identifies Australia’s Indian diaspora as an essential asset in shaping India’s economy into the future. With an ever-increasing population, Australia’s expansive Indian diaspora is steadily establishing itself as a backbone of our national’s cultural and commercial identity.

Across business, sport, community and research, our Indian diaspora are actively impacting the way in which all Australians live on a day-to-day basis, as well as contributing to Australia’s international reputation as a cultural melting pot and hub of diversity. By the same token, Australia’s presence in India has never been bigger, with flagship sectors such as Education, Agribusiness, Tourism, Energy, Heath and much more constantly reaching new heights.

The India Australia Business & Community Awards (IABCA), proudly supported by the Queensland Government, exists to celebrate these bilateral advancements and is Australia’s largest platform dedicated to celebrating the India-Australia relationship.

Each year, three major initiatives as part of IABCA are carried out in partnership with state governments:

  • an intimate closed room roundtable at the Prime Ministerial boardroom in Canberra, ACT

  • a networking style event in honour of our IABCA finalists in Sydney, NSW

  • the major awards gala in Brisbane, QLD.

The IABCA initiative raises awareness of Indians in Australia and Australians in India, in a way that further encourages growth in relations between the two nations. Since its inception in 2014, the IABCA initiative has produced several success stories. It has connected businesses and professionals with the right networks, and, through the support of our media, has gone on to launch highly successful investments. Previous winners such as Uppma Virdi, Director of the now globally recognized Chai Walli tea brand, are testament to the exposure that the IABCA initiative can provide for aspiring professionals.

Over the course of six years, IABCA has established a growing community of alumni that now includes more than 1,600 businesses, community leaders, professionals, and influencers who are engaged across the platform.

IABCA regularly engages with key leaders and influencers of the India-Australia relationship, including hosting High Commissioners from both countries, having representation from the Australian Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister, and hosting a delegation of key industry leaders from the Indo-Australian Chamber of Commerce, Chennai at IABCA. With a growing presence in both Australia and India, IABCA aims to travel to India in celebration of its 10-year anniversary in 2024.

In years to come, IABCA looks forward to further profiling success stories, serving as a platform for bilateral growth, and working in conjunction with the Australian and Indian Governments in identifying more opportunities for business collaboration between both nations.

This content was produced on request for The Australia India Council, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. To view the original article, or other content from their 'Australia & India, A Dynamic Mix' series, please click here.

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