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About Us

Gandhi Creations (GC) as an events enterprise is dedicated to spearheading strategic, long-term economic initiatives that have a significant positive impact on society at large.

GC actively engages with and supports Australia's creative and business sectors through a range of annual initiatives, aimed at providing sustainable opportunities for diverse communities including First Nations and new arrivals.

GC's flagship projects, such as Fabrics of Multicultural Australia and Confluence: Festival of India in Australia, serve as developmental platforms for the creative sector while fostering cross-cultural understanding and collaboration internationally.

Additionally, business platforms like the India Australia Business & Community Awards (IABCA) and Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence (WSABE) offer valuable exposure to organizations and entrepreneurs. 

Our involvement in initiatives such as the New South Wales Council of Social Service’s Investing for Good Conference demonstrates our commitment to empowering other social enterprises in achieving their objectives.


Furthermore, collaborating with DFAT on projects of national significance such as 75 years of Australia-India relations or 50 Years of Australia-Afghan relations, with the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on projects like Zohra Orchestra’s Debut Tour of Australia exemplifies our efforts in fostering diplomatic ties between nations.

Our accolades, including the Australian Event Award for Best New Event in South Australia, ACT, and Northern Territory in 2017, along with recognition in categories such as Corporate Cultural Diversity Programs and Premier’s Harmony Dinner, underscore our dedication and impact in the events industry and beyond.

(The Australian Event Awards is the pinnacle awards program that rewards achievements across all segments of the events industry in Australia).

Image by Anthony Tyrrell

Meet the CEO - Sonia Sadiq Gandhi 
2018 - 2024 Australia Day Ambassador
Advisory Board Director, Multicultural NSW

Paul Harris Fellow, Rotary International

Sonia Gandhi 0130-b1 (1500px).jpg

From international student to an innovative thinker, Sonia Sadiq Gandhi M. Com embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship and champions diversity and inclusion. She is a proud first generation Australian of Indian heritage, based in Guringai country, the land of the Garigal and Caregal people.

Sonia has a Master of Commerce with Major in Human Resources from the Western Sydney University.


In the fearless fashion that Sonia regularly embodies, she founded a multi-award-winning marketing and events enterprise, Gandhi Creations Pty Ltd (GC).

Over the past decade, GC has been instrumental in developing sustainable platforms to address the business, social, and cultural needs of various communities. 


With over two decades of experience, Sonia’s work directly promotes a more diverse Australia by engaging with first nations and multicultural communities. Sonia has executed over 600 events in her career and continues to economically empower Australia’s diverse diasporas.  


On a broader level, the work she produces has served as meeting grounds for the exchange of ideas between nations and platforms for enhanced cultural diplomacy and improved foreign investment and trade.


Over the year's she has also earned respect and trust from numerous high-profile Federal and State Government departments further attestment to the significance of her contributions.

Aborigine Bark Painting
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