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Our Services

Gandhi Creations are proud to have established a reputation for delivering high-impact, sustainable projects across a decade of operation. With over 550 projects under our domain, our service offering is regularly utilised across the corporate, government and community sectors, and we annually produce initiatives that are strategically designed to connect the three sectors in innovative ways.


Our Services Section below:


Event Management Services

For more than a decade, we’ve been fine tuning our craft and in that process have delivered Awards galas, Bi-lateral initiatives, Conferences, Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, Exhibits, Festivals, & Networking Events.. Through these projects, Gandhi Creations are proud to deliver powerful experiences that leave a lasting effect for our clients, communities and international stakeholders. Our organisational mantra dictates that the ongoing impact of an event is just as important that the seamlessness of it’s delivery. Whilst we pride ourselves on being collaborative, creative and client focused in everything we execute, our primary value offering is delivering experiences that generate long-term sustainable outcomes for our clients and project beneficiaries.


Multicultural Marketing 

Gandhi Creations pride themselves on maintaining strong relationships with Australia’s culturally and linguistically diverse communities, as well as with their consulate representatives and ethnic media outlets. If connecting with CALD communities is a key objective of your project or organisational mission statement, we can ensure that your communications campaign or event garners attention from the right audiences. Our expertise and relationships in this field can ensure that your messages are correctly constructed and strategically delivered to meet your key demographics.


Strategic Communication & Consulting


Bilateral Creative & Economic

Development Initiatives

Our expertise in developing and upscaling event platforms for over a decade has established the Gandhi Creations brand as a reputable consultant for driving existing platforms to new heights. Working with clients from a wide range of sectors across the years we’ve managed to upscale and reformat projects for stronger engagements, attract new markets, initiate long-term strategic partnerships, secure support from key Government representatives, and even bring existing domestic projects into the global spotlight.

Annually, we work in conjunction with foreign governments based in Australia, business councils and chambers and government agencies, both state and federal, to deliver strategically constructed projects that enhance bilateral relationships, promote social cohesion, integrate diverse communities, and showcase Australia’s cultural and commercial offerings in a global context. We’ve partnered with state and federal governments locally and abroad to deliver tourism initiatives, foster artistic and cultural exchanges, and generate new economic relationships internationally.

"Your organisation, with its focus showcasing Australia's diversity through cultural and corporate events, is an important aspect of our commitment. I thank you and your members for your work to foster harmony, mutual respect and understanding in Australia."

Hon Scott Morrison MP, Prime Minister of Australia
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