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Annual Projects

Each year, Gandhi Creations manages 30+ events for a wide range of clients across the community, government and corporate sectors. Whilst this large sum of events includes new projects, we currently produce and market four major platforms for which we deliver multiple events on an annual basis.


We have worked with various government agencies in delivering the below four projects and through these partnerships have utilized them as avenues to develop business, tourism, cultural exchanges, and Australia's international relationships on a broader level.


The India Australia Business & Community Awards (IABCA) is an international awards platform that celebrates the India-Australia relationship whilst simultaneously contributing to its development. IABCA platform has engaged with professionals, businesses and community leaders across both India and Australia, and has hosted events in NSW, ACT and QLD, which included a three-year partnership with the Queensland Government


The Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence is an awards platform that recognizes and celebrates business excellence across the Greater Western Sydney region. GC have been responsible for the strategy, direction, growth, and project management of the entire platform since 2016.

"Bayer partnered with Gandhi Creations for Australian Harmony week to celebrate diversity within our organisation. Gandhi Creations were professional to work with delivering concepts, theming and performance activities to bring our celebrations to life. We received positive feedback from attendees and would welcome working together again if the opportunity arises."

Diana Banjanin, Brand Manager, Bayer Australia Ltd


Confluence is Australia’s largest Indian Festival and has been operating annually since 2016. This national and regional festival delivers some of India’s most highly acclaimed performing artists across multiple Australian States and Territories each year and has so far established a presence in six of Australia’s seven States and Territories. A unique element of the Confluence Festival is the intercultural collaborations between Australian and Indian artists that are crafted solely for the festival.


Fabrics of Multicultural Australia (FOMA ) is a sustainable platform for emerging Artists that generates trade opportunities, unites cultures and fosters social cohesion. FOMA showcases to a global audience the interweaving threads that collectively form the unique identity of contemporary Australia. Through an annual showcase and cultural exhibit in collaboration with Foreign Embassies and Consulates FOMA leverages arts, textile design and visual story-telling and as a conduit to bring together and share these unique perspectives in a way that visually depicts Australia’s uniquely diverse identity to the globe. 

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