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WSABE 2019: Celebrating the Success of the Working West

Another One Bites the Dust: The Gandhi Creations Team Launch Their Fourth Consecutive WSABE Campaign

In what seems like the blink of an eye, May has already rolled around and with it a core component of our annual events calendar at Gandhi Creations, The 29th Annual Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence Initiative. Having carved out a core identity within the diversity sector, we quickly fell in love with this platform as it gave us the opportunity to simultaneously branch out into new areas of strategy and production but also continually engage with one of Australia’s most diverse regions, Greater Western Sydney.

Tuesday 7th May marked the official launch of the 29th Annual Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence, and if you were one of those in attendance, you’d know that we mixed things up a little with our theme and venue selection. For those who weren’t able to make it, this event was actually held on the Riverside Theatre Stage, providing guests with the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of a professional performer and see Riverside Theatres from an entirely new perspective. If you’re looking to get a sense of how that all panned out, take a glance at the image below or browse through our complete album here.

Guests of the WSABE Launch experienced first hand the thrill of setting foot on the Riverside Theatre Stage

With the Launch behind us, we now transition into the crux of what the WSABE’s are truly about, and that is recognizing business excellence in Western Sydney. With this region poised to become one of our State’s next major cities and its workforce accounting for 31% of Sydney’s Gross Regional Product, the WSABE Awards provide a platform for the businesses and professionals who are furthering Western Sydney on a daily basis to receive the recognition they deserve. Proudly hosted by the Parramatta Chamber of Commerce, The WSABE Awards have over 29 years delivered a wealth of success stories and have assisted in establishing the reputation of some high-profile businesses and careers.

With four key events associated with the platform, the WSABE Awards also offer a substantial opportunity to connect with some of the region's key leaders and further establish oneself among a burgeoning business community. Winners are announced annually at the WSABE Gala, which last year unveiled 22 winners at the picturesque Rosehill Gardens Racecourse. With an array of high profile speakers, engaging performances, fine dining experiences, immersive themes, and most importantly, inspiring success stories, the 2019 WSABE Gala promises to live up to it's reputation as Western Sydney's premier business event. Be sure to check out the WSABE events calendar or book your Gala ticket by clicking here.

An engaging Racing Carnival Theme combined with star-studded entertainment to add a touch of class to the 2018 WSABE Gala

If you have a Western Sydney based business or professional success story to share, we’d love to hear from you! You can begin your free entry here and will have until Friday 12 July before nominations are closed and assessed by WSABE’s panel of industry leaders.

We wish you the best of luck and hope to see you at the 2019 WSABE Gala!

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