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Australia Day Address Provided by Gandhi Creations Director

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For those of you who have been following us for a long time now, you are aware that Gandhi Creations has been based in Australia from its inception until now, furthering the message of social cohesion every step of the way. Australia is a prime country to deliver such a message, for rarely is it seen in other countries that such a vast variety of cultures could work together to build a nation. Evidence of Australia’s cultural inclusivity and diversity can be found all across its many major cities and even regional areas, with recent census data indicating that 49% of all Australians were either born overseas or had one or more parents who were born outside of Australia.

Being an office with a fairly substantial migrant population ourselves, we believe that the continued integration from Australians with diverse backgrounds is incredibly important. It is with this that we are happy to announce that the Australia Day Council agrees with us. This year, our director and “champion of cultural diversity”, Sonia Sadiq Gandhi has joined their ranks and has been granted the honour of welcoming the newest generation of Australians to this great nation. She will be providing the Australia Day address at City of Ryde Council on Australia Day.

This coming Australia Day (January 26th) Sonia will join Councillor Jerome Laxale, the Mayor of Ryde Council, at a special Australia Day Citizenship Ceremony to welcome 50 new Citizens from over 20 nations who now call Australia home. The Welcome to Country will be conducted by legendary Indigenous Elder Uncle Greg while Indigenous Educator Gumaroy will open the ceremony itself, providing these new Australians with a great insight into the culture of the first Australians. The proceedings will take place at the North Ryde School of Arts Hall and needless to say, we are beyond excited at witnessing this take place.

Mayor Jerome Laxale said “We are proud to celebrate our diverse community in Ryde and it’s such a privilege to welcome our new citizens and share the moment with their families and friends on Australia Day. This Australia Day, we are also proud to welcome back Indigenous Educator Gumaroy, who will open the ceremony and educated new citizens about indigenous culture and customs.”

Sonia is obviously beside herself with excitement and would like to thank the Australia Day Council for giving her this opportunity to reach out to Australia’s newest citizens and say G’day.

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