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Diving Deep: Three Seas and the Australian National Maritime Museum

Welcome, and thank you for reading our blog byte. Your go to source for multicultural related news, updates, upcoming events and anything Gandhian we encounter.. On a semi-regular basis, we’ll be delivering to you the inside scoop on all of the above, as well as any tips and tricks we can find to bring a bit of multicultural fun into your worklife balance.

In this edition, we’ll be giving you a guide to the weekend with our first ever event listing, the upcoming Three Seas show in Sydney. This show is proudly supported by Gandhi Creations, and we know for a fact it's going to be a gig to remember. Pull out your diaries and clear your schedules people, we’re about to lay it down for you.

On Saturday 18th March at 8pm, Three Seas will take stage at the Australian National Maritime Museum to deliver their signature blend of Indian Folk intertwined with a Western style of song form and production. Ironically, Three Seas were formed in India’s Rajasthan Desert and since then, have showcased their mixture of traditional and contemporary musical cultures from India and Australia to an international audience.

Centre Stage is the outstanding folk singer Raju Das Baul. His amazing stage presence, arresting voice and virtuosic Khamak playing showcases the best of the Baul tradition. Supporting him, Deo Ashis Mothey brings an enigmatic style from the mountains in Darjeelin, whilst Kolkata based rock drummer, Gaurab Chatterjee, smoothly bridges these musical cultures. Band leader and saxophonist Matt Keegan combines with master bassist Steve Elphick to complete the unique sound of the band. Check out how these unique members combine here:

The concert will begin at 8pm, but if you’re feeling a little cheeky, you can stop by at 7:30 for a few drinks in the foyer. For tickets, stop by at

As big advocates of intercultural artistry, this is kind of our thing. It brings back fond memories of the Confluence Festival Gala last year, where proclaimed Indian pop singer Sonam Kalra combined with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and native traditional musicians from India and Australia. I think the common theme here is that we just love seeing unique combinations of sounds and backstories. One thing you can be sure of, is that these guys have one amazing story to tell. So why not, try something different, stop by at the Australian National Maritime Museum, and come out a more culturally enriched person.

Either way, this reporter knows where he’ll be on Saturday the 18th March.

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